Sunday, August 29, 2010


Since you have always looked like Casper it should have been no surprise to me that you would be able to communicate with the dead.

Picture this - me doing laundry. Yes, not so hard to picture since I am the ONLY one that does this chore. You were in the front room doing???? I start to hear yelling. I ignore this for a few minutes. You are a child that sings and speaks to herself 24/7. Finally the yelling is not so much singing and more screaming. I enter the kitchen to find you on the counter. Not a single chair is pulled over and not a single drawer is pulled out. I exclaim:

Me, "How the heck did you get up on the counter.\?"

#4, in a shaky voice, "A ghost put me up here."

Me, "What???"

#4, "A ghost did it with his ghost hands and I told him to chock it off."

I set you down on the ground and you rushed over to your chalkboard easel and drew a picture of your "ghost". You then said,

#4, "He had 2 dead puppies with him."

At this point your dad and Randy walk in the house and I tell them what just happened. Randy went white and freaked out. Your dad and I are laughing super hard and Randy is beside himself.

2 days later you told us that your ghost's name is WeisterJim.


My family Begins said...

I had fun too. That story is hilarious.

Allison said...

Wooooah. That is crazy!!!