Monday, August 16, 2010

Just Back

We decided to take a spur of the moment trip to Mexico. We went to Las Palomas resort and had the most fabulous time. Here are some of my favorite questions/statements of the weekend:

#4, "Dad, since I am your love bug will you buy me a mango."

#1, (10 minutes after eating dinner) "What is there to eat, I'm hungry."

#4, "Dad, I'm your little parasite."

#3, "I realize that I am really annoying."

#2, "Ava, say "hola tortuga when you see someone." hahahahahah" (this did take place as a result. Thank heavens most of the people couldn't understand the high pitched Spanish.) Also, "hello turtle" isn't that offensive.

I loved that the Captain left his laptop at the resort and we had to turn around and go back to retrieve it.

I love that I was super honest (as always) with the border patrol about the fruits we brought from the States and were returning with. I love that your dad was not super happy about having an agriculture inspection at the border.

I love that we listened to The Last Olympian all the way home. Everyone listened and was super quiet the WHOLE 4 hour ride.

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