Saturday, August 21, 2010

Relatives from Germany

Our relatives arrived from Germany. We have been having the best time hanging out with our cousins. Lisa, Charlie, Joe, and Eva. We have been shopping, swimming, and eating non-stop. I am on my way to looking 5 months pregnant - dad is already there. His baby is kicking a ton.

Ava, you finally spoke with your ghost this morning and his name is WeisterJim. Apparently, he is soooo naughty that he wrote on my curtains with markers yesterday. Seriously WeisterJimmy - knock it off. I'm sick of you putting Ava in all of these precarious situations.

Dad and I took Eva out to dinner last evening. It was Italian food like I've never had before. Gracias por la Restaurante' muy bueno la comida. Jen la gusta el escargoito. We went back to Auntie Kimmlito's house afterwards to find children destroying her house with popcorn and loud voices.

We are swimming today and grandma is channeling her character from her telenovela. Remember when Marlana channeled Satan back in the 80's on Day's of our Lives. Remember when she was levitating in the air and her eyes were all red and John was like, "Marlana - come back to me. Marlana tell him you are an angel and don't need his mala leche in your life. I am the only one for you - - - - FOREVER" That was one of the most awesome things to watch as a youngster. Kim and I would rush into the tv room every afternoon in the summer to tune in to the drama. It definately warps a young mind when you are exposed to the baby making, drug abusing, wife abusing, lady nonsense, stuck on a desserted island with a hot young man of 18 with whom you become pregnant with his love child and then decide to have an affair with his father while still carrying .....what triplets - anyway that can set a paradigm that is super unattainable.

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