Monday, August 30, 2010


NateGATE could also be known as Hurricane Natina or literally WaterGATE. We had some fridge malfunctions this past week and yesterday when your dad fixed it he said,

"Done, It is totally fine now. We shouldn't have anymore problems. Now let's go to bed and make a baby."

Ok, just kidding with this last part. So, when I woke up at 2:30 AM to go yell at Otto for disturbing my slumber, imagine my shock and dismay to find the kitchen flooding. I hear a waterfall noise. I turn on the lights. I see that there is 2" of water in the kitchen.

I run and go wake up your biological father. He rushes in to save the day. He shuts off the water and opens up the pantry door. HELLO pantry. 4" in some areas and 2" in the rest. AHHHHHHH. The 12 towels I grabbed did NOTHING. He starts to use the dust pan to scoop water into buckets. I start wringing out towels to throw in the washer. I run into the laundry room to throw said towels into the machine when

"AHHHHHHH - 2" in the freaking laundry room. "

It is WaterGate bitches. Bernstein and Woodward this is actually WaterGate; but since you have claimed the name and the Captain is to blame it is "NateGATE". Oh Nixon, look at the throwing of the signs. I threw a couple of signs at the Captain last night.

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Allison said...

LOL LOL LOL Icould not stop laughing....oh so funny. The writing that is. Not the flood.