Sunday, February 20, 2011

1st big play date

A week ago you came home from school saying,
Ava: "Tessa is going to have me over to her house and we are going to put make-up on."
Me: "Really? What is the occassion?"
Ava: "It is her birthday. Can I go? Can you call Tessa's mom. Please call her right now."

This went on for 3 days. I'M NOT KIDDING. I passed our phone number on to your teacher to give to Tessa's mother. We were finally able to set up a play date and the following pictures sequence the events of the big day.

1. Waiting in a chair pushed up to the window for Tessa to arrive.

2. Realizing I'm taking pictures you start to pose. Please note the leg crossed in the front.

3. A quick move and your leg is now at your knee.

4. Oh My, you just popped your hip out and are making a face.

The posing all came to an abrupt halt when Tessa finally arrived. Yes, you are the same age.

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