Friday, February 4, 2011

My now big man

This week you have been attending sex-ed classes. Holy Moly it should be called the IMPROV with Grandpa Sex-ED Teacher. So, as I understand it there is a grandpa teaching this class. This class that it riddled with videos from the 80's - - - - VHS people. Here are a few of the HILARIOUS stories I have heard from you after your class:

Carter: "So there is some REALLY old movie he showed us that is this guy talking about sexually transmitted diseases. The guy in the movie is pretending he is at a Carnival and is calling out your "lucky numbers".
Carni "Number 12 - Step on up. You just won herpes. This means you get rashes and bumps and ......"
Carter, " hahahahahaha - sorry I can't finish that one."
Carni "Number 2 - Step on up. You just won Gonorrhea. This means you will have a swollen penis with discharge. It will also be painful while you urinate. "
Carni "Number 34 - you just won AIDS. You are going to die."

As a side note: Your father looks like he is puking in the pantry while you are sharing this with me. We (your father and I ) are extremely amused with the fact that a senior citizen is teaching this class. You also wanted me to note that you let out a "loud fart" and all the boys and even the old guy laughed their butts off.


Carter: "One of the videos did a play on a MasterCard commercial"

Hospital bills - $5000
Buying Baby Clothes - $100
Telling your mom you are pregnant - Priceless

This was one of your favorites.


I remember last years sex ed booklet stated that penis size doesn't dictate whether or not you will be a good father. Hot Damn - who writes this stuff?

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Allison LeBaron said...

John and I laughed our butts off.