Monday, February 7, 2011


I had left the Tempe shop and was heading home to be there when you, #4, came home from school. As I was driving past the Mesa shop a car started racing toward me - IN MY LANE. I swerved to the right - almost into another car. The car that was about to hit me head on - hit the cars behind me head on. As I look out my window and into my mirror I see a body flying behind my car through the air. Then there is a large fire bomb and cars flipping. I pull into the parking lot on the North side and called 911. I sort of remember saying, "fire, bodies, fire, bodies in the air. " She told me to sit down and breathe. I had to sit on a rock in front of dead bodies for 30 minutes before a police officer asked me what happened.

The guys in our Mesa shop all saw what happened. Some of the guys helped people out of one of the flipped cars. I just got onto the news site and guess what - alcohol related. Empty cans and a full bottle of alco - freaking - hall 10:50AM. Beyond sad. Beyond.


Anonymous said...

I love you, Jennifer. I continue to pray for you for healing and strength and sending you positive healing thoughts.Love, Mom

Beeswax said...

Can't believe you had to go through this, and that you are okay. Is unbelievable .