Sunday, February 27, 2011

The week in review

After finally negotiating the contract with Tom Ewing, we signed the lease last Friday. The last 7 days has been nonstop construction and moving. At one point your dad won 2 lifts from an auction in Sierra Vista and drove 3 hours on a moving day to retrieve them. He only got pulled over once on the way home and was in bed by 1AM. I would say that tired is an understatement.

Along the moving way we encountered lice. Big pat on the back to mom - I TOTALLY didn't over react this time. A big hallelujah to Tia Allie and Uncle John who found the most amazing, natural product that kills the lice and dissolves the freaking eggs. You heard me. DISSOLVES THE EGGS. I may dedicate a post to the mom who created the product. She is amazing and if I had any Chemistry knowledge I would liked to have contributed to humanity the way she has. I would tackle scorpions after the lice. We found 2 in the house this week. You, number 1, and your biological testosterone male figure chopped them up with scissors while their body parts still swam around in the toilet. Hysterical laughter ensued.

This morning your dad woke up and said,

"This is a horrible week. I really don't want to move anymore. I have to finish all of the lifts today and I have to deal with that customer who blew up his car on Monday."

Me in an uber cheerful voice chimes in with,
"Don't forget my birthday is in a couple of days!"

To which I hear maniacal laughter,
"Hahahahahahahah (pause) Hahahahahahahaha. This week really couldn't get much worse could it."

I couldn't stop laughing. This really is your dad's idea of the worst week ever. Ahhhh my wife's birthday.

On another note, Carter my young stud, you worked all day with dad yesterday and headed out with him again today. You really worked. I am so super impressed. I am going to write the song that I am singing, (p.s. cute man, you asked me if I would try out for American Idol if they came to AZ. Your dad hasn't stopped laughing since I told him this. Very cute) This song is to Madonna's Like a Virgin.

"Tralalalala. Oh, like a hard worker. Hey. Working for the very first time. Like a wo o o rker. When I lift boxes, close to the ground, I give all my effort. My energy is fading fa a ast. ohh my arms won't last."

Gracias por la nino. You are muy muscley. Weight training is bueno for thy armos.

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