Sunday, February 20, 2011

Ben's birthday party

I hosted a fiesta last weekend and it was muy lovely. Twas Ben Allred's birthday and I made:
Sweet pork burritos with green salsa
and Spicy sweet potatoes
The Longs brought a tres leches cake. Remember how I sang Happy Birthday it was.....................Grrreeatt!
Here are a few pictures to capture the evening.

Ben, Jen, and Randy. I loved how Randy assumed I was a flight attendant because I once worked at the airlines.

Renee, Kendall, and Kristen.
April and my man before the festivities. The bearded professor looks like he was sneaking some food before anyone showed up. Nerd. On the other hand he made the yard look so spiffy.
Dear Don Captain,
You were muy helpful. Thank you for working so hard all of the time. Your beard es sexy - mi love you a la hairy. Your pelo sometimes is stinky. Please take some hand soap to it from time to time so the rotten cheese smell can cease to exist. I will protect you from the Chupacobra when it comes for you at night. Some nights when you actually fall asleep you whimper, "Oh Chupacobra, spare me, take Jen instead." Dios Mio, I will forget I hear this and protect you anyways lover.
Hugs and French Kisses,

You fine lady friend

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