Monday, February 14, 2011

Just sitting here doing payroll and I noticed Randy sent me a picture from our trip in June. Why is it in every picture that your dad "El Cap i tan" has to pretend he is DEEP in thought or is in a coma from meningitis? I would LOVE a picture of the two of us where he looks like the normal, cute, smart Captain that he is.

This past weekend three of you spent the night at Auntie Kimmy's house. A, you actually slept in your own bed all week to prove that you would be able to go. At the last second Uncle Dave invited you - Car tier - to the fiesta. A big thanks to Kim and Dave for entertaining you while your dad and I had our own party. Ben Allred's birthday extravaganza. Is it a sign of bad singing when the birthday boy laughs his fanny off when I start out the song? Maybe, but everyone else claimed to "not" be a singer. What you have to be a professional singer now to start out the Happy Birthday song? We would never get it sung at our house if this were the case. There is a little hope for a couple of you, my offspring - Ava y Ellie. Mi manos are crossed. I would like to retire and hit the beach so get your baby acts, spray tan, and fake baby teeth on.

My Valentines wish is for a nap and a good picture with tu' padre.

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Ms. Code said...

Cute little ones! Thanks for letting me enjoy a glimpse of your world through your eyes! See you around!