Thursday, September 20, 2012


It is 15 hours until I enter the main stage.  I have shaved, had some eye brow work done, nails done, hair done, and sort of made food for you guys.  (Made food means = I bought food that you can make) In the year 2012 peeps, there is a thing called Pinterest.  Pinterest is my best friend.  Pinterest and I make sweet sweet love alls the time.  (You "pin" pictures of shit you like)  

Anyway, since I have to starve my body prior to the removal of the lard ass of a uterus that has to be removed I am ........................hungry.  I am so hungry that I tried to convince myself that he (Dr. Wilson) wouldn't notice if I ate some potato chips.  I rather think that was Lucinda talking.  Remember she is my personality that came out when you guys had lice.  That lady is crazy.  I shooed her away and I haven't let more than 3 potato chips touch my lips.  I really think I should get a big ol' pat on the back for that.  If you ever wonder where your inner strength comes from---------wild guess......................Me damn-it.  I suggest you be proud of that.  Only a mere 3.  

Back to the Pinterest.  I am now sitting on my computer pinning the shiaz out of food.  That's it.  

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