Thursday, September 6, 2012

Mama's Ranch Dia Tres

Oh how adorable.  You are a little spitfire that wanted to ride the horse all by yourself.  In this first picture you look as if you are a 30 year old in a wee body.

The weekend was so fun and the Steeds are a great family to vacation with.  Their boys - Jackson, Asher, and Finn are delicious.  Jessica's sister Tacy and her daughter Ella are so fun to be around.  When I asked you, A, what your favorite part of the whole weekend was you said, "ELLA!!!"  Then you said, "Is this Ella adopted like my other friend Ella?  No?  Darn it that would have been super cool if they were both adopted."  I think when you were 5 you wished you had different biological parents.  Just sayin.

There was a bit of a fight over the "smart" horse.  Apparently all of the other horses were dull and Sophie's horse SUGAR is the smartest bestest horse like ever.

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