Tuesday, September 18, 2012

My Lady Breeding bag will be leaving us FO EVER

Yes,  ya'all have been prepped and prepared for the last 2 weeks for military combat.  The lists are made.  My lady garden's venus flytrap will be removed Friday.  WHOOHOO   Since I can't take any pain medication this week I am in mucho pain.  I couldn't get out of bed this morning.  The Captain stepped up.  Your dad participated in the morning routine today for the first time and my my my he was in shock.  He kept coming in the room and saying:

1.  The girls are in mirror doing their hair and yelling at each other about clothes and stuff
2.  None of the girls are dressed
3.  Ava wants her bangs trimmed
4.  I don't think we are going to make it on time
5.  There is dog poop outside of Carter's bathroom and he just stepped over it and took a shower.
6.. Carter is STILL In the SHOWER

Breathe lover.  I heard Ava let the dogs out of the kennel and yet I haven't heard the back door open.  Hence there is poop;  and there may be more if you don't let them out.

7.  The girls still aren't dressed.  Didn't you have them pick out outfits last night?  It is picture day for heavens sake.

THEN I HEAR MARIACHI MUSIC COMING FROM THE FRONT ROOM.  Ohhh I love this coping mechanism.  Good one Captain.

8.  Ava still isn't dressed.
I looked at him and stated,
"You have a ton of sisters.  Either they didn't care what they looked like or you were too young to remember their morning routines.  I'm going with the later. Dude  - Get it together."

I will say that I am in Muy muy pain right now.  I can't take any pain killers this week and my lady parts are malfunctioning.  Thank heavens surgery is in 3 days.  I half bend over and walk out in the front area.  I use my awesome mom voice,

"Get your stuff and get in the car.  You have 2 minutes."

When I say stuff like this it is super implied that I used cuss words and yet none whispered the skin of my lips.  Also, when I say "car" I mean LARGE WHITE 16 PASSENGER VAN.  Honestly, it is ugly, but exquisite.  Every parent with young children should have one. 
Everyone came running.  EVERYONE had clothes on.  Amen.  Yes, Paige spilled her milk and cheerios all over herself and floor, but we have dogs for a reason.  

Oh Captain, I do feel for you.  I will download you some more Mariachi music today and put together a playlist for your mornings.  

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Allison LeBaron said...

You are an amazing writer. While the context of this post is HUGE - for which a phone call is required - I just thought you should know I LOVE THE WAY YOU WRITE>