Sunday, September 16, 2012


September has been so lovely thus far.  School is going well and you are all completing your school work and getting extremely nice grades.  I'm so impressed I just keep buying you shit.  Finally, an excuse to go shopping that is legit.  Yesterdia I took you, number 2 and 3, for haircuts and then a journey through Dana Park.  Alyssa and Lacy joined us for our buying feast.  

Super mom, "Oh, you want that top Paige? ............Well you are getting A's in all of your honors classes.  What kind of mom says no to a daughter that is doing so well in la escuela?"

To future yous: Ellie, you thanked me every time.  Paige, you looked and me and I could tell your large brain was all, "what else can I get her to buy?"  Both of these are life skills that will be useful in different areas of your life.  

Remember when I looked back real quick in the car the other day and thought Ava had eaten her poop?  Yea, not a great time until I figured out someone (PAIGE) had put some nutella on a stick.  ON A STICK.  Who does that?  Use a spoon lover.  Seriously.  Someone could poke an eye out.

You have been into photos of la self lately.  

I just ran across this photo whilst scooping out all of my old pictures. First off, you thought you were getting your picture taken with Joseph Smith and were excited to show the Mormons at school.  It was a beer ad.  Duh and awesome at the same time.  What I really dig is the shirt.  It is a wee Mexican holding a gun.  WTF.  Who is your mom?  What mom buys someone / their kid that shirt?  She must be super amazing.  

A, remember at your graduation how indifferent you were to tu padres?  

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