Monday, October 14, 2013

Arrival / Grand Central Station

I did it lovers.  I went away to meet the fab Tia Allie.  My 3rd girl trip in 18 years.  It turns out you guys might miss me soooo much that you called me (on average) 7 times a day.  Did I mention that this does not include the super appreciated text messages with all of the I love you messages.  Those were super cute.  

Anyways, Allie and I met up in the Newark aeropuerto.  There was a driver (Juan from Caracas) waiting for us who briskly slipped us into the car and drove us to our hotel.  Here are 2 blurry, yet awesome pictures from our hotel room.  Can I also mention that Juan from Caracas was so kind and honest.  He told us all about his clean driving record and about the 1 time he was pulled over.  Juan fo ever 1 300.

In our hotel the 2nd floor was dedicated to the peeps.  Fresh food all day long.  Better than the food / sugar was the coffee.  The machine I've nicknamed Esposo dos.  Damn it was perfection.  One push of a button and an American or a Latte.  It was magic only rivaled by THE HARRY POTTER.  One day, whilst bustling from one corner of the city to the other I stopped in and made some esspressos in To Go cups and shoved 3 croissants, and 5 cookies in my pockets.  Magic I say.

Grand Central Station was on the other side of the block. Talk about Harry Potter.

This is us at Grand Central.  

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