Monday, October 14, 2013

First Night in the City

So, here we are in the subway.  We rode it the entire trip.  Your Tia Allie is a whiz at this; I would not have made it anywhere without her.  

We found the cutest street on our way to The Spotted Pig.  Shout out to Rand for the rec.  We happened upon a window with the following:
a chicken, several heads, an egg, small jars of weird stuff, boxes of randoms, a pumpkin with a Mr. Potato head arm, and much more. Take it in lovers.  Seriously, if you date a man please ask the right questions. i.e. "Do you collect chickens and heads?" Deal Breaker.

Then we glance at the door where it states, "Nothing for sale."

Tia Allie thinks this is where the sex slave trade is kept "hidden" Damn.  This place was scary weird.

                             The next block had this beauty.

When we got to The Spotted Pig we assumed we would have a hefty wait.  Nope.  We walked right on up to the second floor and were seated for a truly tasty meal.  We were joined by Ehren's sister.  She is super kind and walked us around Soho after dinner.

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