Monday, October 14, 2013

Central Park Tour

So, Tia Allie is an amazing planner / organizer.  Dudes, she had spreadsheets.  Get it.

Friday morning we woke up (4:30AM our time) and got our rears down to the bike rental spot.  Can I say that we accidentally walked into Bad Boy Worldwide whilst looking for the bike spot.  Holy shit little doggs.  Seriously, you know that I love the Diddy.  His guardman was super friendly and walked us out to where we needed to go.  Sweet.

There we found our bikes and met Albi / Luke.  I heard the chic at the counter call him Albi on the phone and yet the Canadians that we were on the bike tour with called him Luke. Hahahaha.  

Albi was so well versed in the Central Park going's on over the past century and a half.  Super interesting details regarding American's during the span of the park.  Albi was also very kind and helpful to all of the tourists in the park.  New Yorkers went out of their way to be of assistance it was a great surprise.

This was our first stop on the bike tour.  The rock we are standing on was formed this particular way during the ice age.

This is your bad ass mom next to her bike.  Yes, that is fur in my basket.  You are welcome.

This is a whispering bench.  If you whisper into one corner you can hear loud and clear in the other corner.  I loved it.

No, Albi is not standing on a bucket.  Here are the 3 of us after the tour.  Tia Allie had bangs of glory.  I am going to try to do a bang montage.  

In the park.

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