Monday, October 14, 2013

Soho shopping and The Little Italy

We went out for some shopping in Soho.  Most of the stores are so muy expensive that I would have had to sell one of you guys to buy 2 sweaters.  We ended up finding a consignment store (even though I can't smell I can sniff out some consignment like dogs to crotches.)

As we are trying on our clothing the song "New York" by THE Alicia Keys comes on.  Hot Damn that was a moment.  

After our glorious trip of classy shopping we headed off to Little Italy.  Allie had yelped everything so we ate every meal at delicious places.  

The cannoli was a cocktail of wonderful.  I daresay that the Pizza and the Cannoli's were a tie for FIRST prize in my food journey around NYC.  

On a random note this Church sign made us giggle a little.  Ok maybe a bit more than a little.

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