Monday, October 14, 2013

Chelsea, The Highline, and Upright Citizens Brigade.

We headed out Friday evening for Upright Citizens Brigade.  This is a comedy club/school started by The Poehler.  Our hotel staff reccommended we eat at Red Kat.  We headed over there and put our names in at the restaurant.  As we are strolling down the street Allie spys THE HIGHLINE.  This was on our list of things to do; but we just stumbled upon it.  Mojo peeps.  This is what we started calling our trip presence.  We had the mojo and just kept having great things happen.  So the above pic is an "art exhibit" on a corner in Chelsea.  Rad.

Below are pics of THE HIGHLINE.  This is an old portion of the railroad that has been turned into a park.

Here is your lovely Tia at our restaurant.

The comedy club was amour.  Very humorous.

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