Monday, October 14, 2013


So we rode the train the first 3 1/2 days we were there.  Reference the above pic.

Then after breakfast on Sunday we wanted to shuffle on down to Soho once again without using our feet or our brains - hence the hailing of our first and only yellow taxi.

Below are the both of us in the cab.

I believe we look positively radiant.

Our taxi driver was a dumbass.  No, that's mean.  He was unintelligent.  No, that's not very nice either.  He didn't know what was going on and he only seemed able to repeat shit that he knew or that we said.  I will say that I didn't feel unsafe in his cab.  There's the silver lining.

He dropped us off in Soho and soon after Tia Allie found this hidden gem.

Here we are in our spell of tranquility.

 I do need to mention that maybe while crossing the road on Saturday evening, we may have gotten a bit too cocky with the thought that we were locals, we may have gotten carried away and crossed the street when we shouldn't have.  We may have almost been hit by a cab AND another car.  They may have decided to honk and not slow down AT ALLLLLLLL.  We also may have laugh-cried for a good 5 minutes.  It may have been scary-funny.

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