Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Birthday #7

Here you are ready for school the day prior to your Birth Day.  I delivered pizza for your class and you were muy excited.

The morning of the big event started at 6:30A freaking M.  Why, well because it was also the morning of Carter's PSATs.  He advised me at 6:30A no this hurts my eyes M that he was in need of a 4 function calculator for said test.  We had to hurry a bit with the morning session of the birthday to get our butts over to Walmart for calculators. 

The picture below is of you coming round the hallway when you heard the Mariachi music.

We took you out front for the "big" reveal

This car has an ipod player in it.  It also has the theme song to Beverly Hills Cop III.  I really appreciated them taking the time to install that fun feature.  Does that song Ever get old?  Nope.  Especially when a ginger wants to ride up and down the side of the pool and clap to it.  

You opened up your racing suit later after the PSATs were done.  The best part of tu' birthday was the birthday dinner.  Carter and I made a quick trip to Frys to grab the groundhog day cake and came back with 4 cakes and some Ben and Jerry's instead.  As we were all sitting at the dinner table your sister Paige starts laughing hysterically when telling us that in Kindergarten she stood behind a deaf girl named Yasmine and was signing her name and could not understand

A. Why she didn't hear her
B. Why she didn't turn around and respond

I absolutely love it when Paige laughs.  

This is when we implemented


Ellie was quickly to state that you needed to be safe even when not at CATHOLIC CONFESSION TABLE itself.  Dad and I agreed and we were off on many a confession.

Ellie, You took $20 out of my wallet.  The interesting part was you didn't confess as to where you spent it.

Paige, You like to use your finger to grab the frosting out of the middle of cakes when they are in the fridge.  You only do it on the backside of the cake so as not to arise any suspicions.  Damn Girl. You also may want to get in a fight. Like a throw down with a chic.  Funnily enough, when a girl stared you down and followed you into class the other day, you hid under your desk. 

Carter, you kept saying that you are the perfect child and have nothing to confess to.  I had to point out the fact that you locked Baxter up in the kennel during the night when he needed to go to the bathroom.  Baxter had diarrhea and pooped all over the kennel, the back wall, and Five.  Five, then in turn puked all over the kennel and the floor.  IT WAS DISTURBING!!!!!!!!!!  But aside from that nastiness we agreed that you are near perfect.

Ava, you tried so hard to come up with something juicy.  Sorry chica, you are a rule follower.  We actually encouraged you to try a little harder to do something a bit bad from time to time.

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