Sunday, December 13, 2009

Holy Emotional Rollercoaster

This morning we went out for breakfast and as we are sitting and eating when THREE separate families came over to talk to us. Every single one of them told us that you were the cutest baby/child they had ever seen. Outright fawning over you. The first one did say you were a beautiful baby. When they walked away you said,

" I am not a baby. Why did they say that I was a baby? I am not small. Hummp"

Fast forward 6 hours to the MASSIVE temper tantrum you had this evening. You wondering what spurred it? Oh little Miss. Bossy (thinks you run the house) pants it was because you wanted me to open my bed up for you to snuggle your dirty face in the blanket. May I elaborate on the dirty face? You licked the chocolate mixer after I made cupcakes. You looked like you had a brown beard. Did I clean it right away???? No Missy you were so cute with red hair and a brown beard. This temper tantrum was so crazy that it lasted 45 minutes. You decided that you needed out of time-out because you had the hiccups. The next excuse was that you needed your hands washed. There was so much screaming and no catching of the breath that I thought you might fall over. After 30 minutes your dad and I looked at each other saying,
"Isn't she exhausted? Isn't she going to stop? I would like this evil twin to find her unfit parents and go back to their cave."

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