Friday, December 11, 2009

It has been a week of poop. Not the normal poo, rather the acid smelly disgusting pipe that we despise. At one point three of you were at home sick from escuela. I was wiping bums, doing laundry, and feeding you constantly. Four days in I was down to one home - #4 - (mind you the nurse called while we were at the store and we had to run and pick you up #2. Pooped pants at school. Ewe) #4, you and I tried to make a quick trip to the grocery store. Ten minutes into our frantic visit ( I was running around the store trying to grab everything we needed before you needed to use the facilities.) guess what 10 minutes and
you say, "mommy, I need to go potty!"
A mad dash to the bathroom at the front of the store. I try to quickly put the toilet protector down. I go thru 3 of them, ripping the first 2 in a rush. Finally the 3rd one is on and I plop you down. 60 sec later
#4 "Mom, I sink it is not working."
First of all I LOVE that you can't say think and that it comes out sink. You say it like it is meant to be. I assume you are referring to the potty and assure you that it is working fine. I let you know the potty cover is on there and all is good!! In a sweet little voice that is super delicate the following was said:
#4 "No it is not working."
I say, " What is not working?"
#4 " My body mama. I sink my body is not working."

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