Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Aretha Franklin WHO??

I went outside to find you belting out a tune. Here is the funny thing......................I couldn't understand the words, yet it sounded slightly familiar. Fast forward to yesterday when I am in the car with #1, you, and Ryan when lo and behold Pink comes on. You started singing the ENTIRE song. Granted you didn't really know the words, but had such fervor with what you did know - Nah nah nah nah nah nah nah......nah nah nah nah ..nah nah. You would shout out words sometimes what.

The thing is I don't really listen to this song unless I am running. This means headset, ipod and no noise outside of my head. Maybe we are connected telepathically. If that is the case then you know the thought that most regularly goes thru my head is ...................................."how is a bridge constructed. Especially the one at the Hoover Dam. It floors me. How the crap is it done? It is not like they can use a crane. How do they construct a bridge over such a massive hole? The pictures are mind boggling. That one I just saw on the 12 news mini clip during the Today Show was the most confusing. Two sides of the bridge over a GIGANTIC valley with a space of a couple hundred feet where they don't meet up yet. Maybe they will do a Dirty Jobs episode on it and all of my questions will be answered. dam the Dam."

If you really are connected to me so intimately you may grow up and see a bridge and just start talking in circles. Yes, that is the extent to what I think about. That and cheese Ya'all. I have a relationship with cheese. When I want a happy thought I think about Lemons, Ingrid Michaelson, and CHEESE.


Alpha Monkey said...

Maybe YOU are where my kids got their obsession with Hoover Dam!

Allison LeBaron said...

Oh my, oh my, oh my. Where to start???? Jen, you are HYSTERICAL!!! It is 1:45 AM and I am up reading your blog and can't stop myself. are too much. I love my AZ peeps!!