Friday, December 18, 2009

Swine.....not the flu

Today I went in and volunteered at the holiday party with you #3. I was at the cookie decorating station. I decided to take the time to get to know your wee friends a bit better. I went around the table and asked the kids what they were asking for from Santa. Holy Crapola. These little people are greedy. YOU my dear were one of 3 that were asking for a realistic present. (Thank you!!) Here is a breakdown:

23 kids
4 girls asked for puppies. One of them also wanted a scooter with puppies on it.
4 girls asked for kittens and ipods
11 boys asked for XBox 360, Nintendo DSI, and ipods
1 boy wanted a lego agent kit. (The way he described this was super fun to watch. He was so animated I thought he had some coffee in him. "and then the green giant comes after him." Oh, I thought these were spies - where did the giant/monster come from and why are your arms flying all over the place - you almost whacked the little boy next to you in the face. Dude, calm down.)
2 girls - Club Penguin (YAAAAY this was you and Miss. Mallory)

AND THE WINNING SANTA REQUEST....................................................a PIG. No I am not kidding. Mariah (who not to be unkind, but is shaped rather like a small pig) is also asking for a pig. She was extremely cute when letting me know that her mom said no to the pig. She still doesn't understand why.

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Alpha Monkey said...

I love first graders!! Excellent post.