Friday, December 10, 2010

Weekly Update

Tis Friday and we have had a crazy week once again. Carter, you my dear, weren't looking where you were "running" in the hall at school and jammed your broken thumb into the wall. I was actually at the school dropping off your epipen when I ran into in the hallway a bit teary.

Add to mix that you, #4, decided to dislike school this week. You pretend you are a tick sucking the blood from my chest when I try to pry you out of your car seat and into the classroom. Your angel teacher, Mrs. McClure, gently undoes your fingers from my neck and takes you away so I can swiftly bolt to our vehicle.

You, #2, had a lovely surprise last night when you came home from dance. Your room had been painted. Can't wait for your dance performance next week.

Last night Ellie, you and I were invited to Phoenix Symphony Hall to see the Nutcracker. IT WAS AMAZING!!!! The sets, the costumes, the company were exquisite. Jen LMN invited us. It was kids night and everyone in the audience was a child (Don't take that literally. There was adult supervision. As you would say "duh".) Due to the fact that the audience was comprised of children there was random clapping when something/one came on stage that the kids found charming. Great time!!!

Tonight shall be interesting. Piano lessons, Carter's friends coming over for an airsoft war, Cassidy coming to spend the weekend, and whatever craziness arrives without invitation. Tomorrow is your piano recital. Carter, you are SUPER excited that your thumb is broken and you can not perform. No worries, I will make sure you play a couple extra songs at the next one to make up for it.

Back to you #4. You and I have the most interesting conversations. One of this weeks favorites was this one:

#4, "Mom (grabbing my stomach), why is your tummy so big?"

Me, "This is how my body was made. Isn't it lovely?"

#4, "Mom (soft gasp), Are you.......................going to have a baby!!!!???!!!"

There was so much excitement behind this last statement/question.

Me, "Oh, I am so sorry to disappoint you. This belly will not house another baby. "

#4, "But it is so big."

Me, "No it is not so big. It is nor'male. Look out the window I think I just saw a squirrel."

#4, "Really?"

Me, "No."

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