Wednesday, December 15, 2010


Look at the happy look on your face #1. You want to know why??

Why oh why are boys sooooo into guns, arrows, swords, and remote control cars? I just assumed when I got married that because I said, "Oh, sorry I don't like guns. I really don't like anything to do with guns." That it would mean that I would never like ever have to see one.

Nope, this meant -----We will use gun type products all day, everyday. Below is a picture of Gun Captain (a.k.a your biological father) loading his most current GUN. Look at the smile on his face. Honestly, can you even see his smile hidden in his lip and chin sweaters? Obviously it is a big damn smile if you can see it, right. So much joy with shooting???? Whatever.

I refuse to post the picture that shows your Son of a Gun holding the pistol like a mustache. Yes, it was like I sent out to him, "I HATE guns. And you know lover that this H word is not one I allow to be said in our home. You must understand the power of my distaste for the Saturday Night EVIL Special."

This is what he heard, "My wife absolutely LOVES it when I handle my peashooter. I must make sure that I have a 38 special in my paws at ALLLLLLL times. She might leave me if I don't show her how into guns I am. Since she is all that I live for I can't let that happen..............That's it, I will ensure that every hobby I involve myself in revolves around revolvers."

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Alpha Monkey said...

My recommendation? Start dressing like his mother. Especially for bedtime. Tell him you thought he was into reliving his childhood. When his gun-play brings agony into your life, you are free to strike back by any means possible. And that includes covering up the "girls" and wearing elastic-waisted gaberdine.