Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Christmas Day Morning

Everyone waited in their rooms until 7:30am. I noticed when I went back to check the rooms later in the day that you, Ellie, had gotten lap desks out for you and Ava. Thank you for being soooo awesome!!

Everyone enjoyed the fun of the day. Most of us stayed in pajamas until 3pm. I would never have changed if not for the welcomed surprise visit of Nick and Kameron. I am afraid that Aunt Jen in pjs is NOT their idea of an image they want imbedded in their brains.

The picture of Harry - below - looks like he is a host to an alien with spooky blue eyes. NERAK. Ok, I am once again referencing Watcher in the Woods. How is randomly robot voicing NERAK not super awesome? IT FREAKING IS.

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