Thursday, December 2, 2010

Craziness and a weird TV show

AHHHHHH - Crazy time people. It has been a busy week and I am now sitting down to reflect on it while
A. Drinking a coffee with large amounts of Chocolate
B. Watching a show with crazy, fake, plastic ladies that fight.

While B is not usually my thing, Auntie Kimmy, told me to watch this specific program and I taped a few. May I say that since we ALL LOVE Watcher in the Woods it was a lovely surprise to see one of the plasticy ladies used to be Nerak---AHHHHHH WESOME. Bettie Davis you rocked it in that one my dear. You be so scary. Actually, the more I watch this I think that facial plastic surgery in extreme can make one look like a man. No offense to these nice ladies.

Back to the week at hand. Lots o running around, lots o crying over normal activities like - going to freaking school. Some Christmas songage and performing your part numero quatro. Delivering of pizza to you at school #1. Having lunch with the Captain and you #3 at school. I finished reading "The Help" which I absolutely fell head over heels with. A couple of you have a very full weekend and I may turn to drinking.....................................................more coffee that is.

Ok, I have to interrupt this post to say this TV show is insane. ARE YOU KIDDING ME - this is such a strange paradigm that these ladies partake in. Fighting amoungst grown-ups?? Saying such things as, "This 3500 sq ft apartment is just so cramped for us." That Kelsey Grammer lady wifey person be needing some therapy. Holy Prince Harry she has some interesting issues.

Back to the week - I am super looking forward to not answering the phone and not doing ANYTHING this weekend. May we all read, watch Annette Funicello movies, and eat yummy food.

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