Monday, December 27, 2010

This past week

We all had a lovely time in Mexico. When will I finally get around to downloading pictures?? Who knows. Christmas was also great. Some of my favorite conversations:

#1 (watching the Today Show) "What is up with the racism on the Today Show? What is wrong with people?"

Me, "What are you talking about?"

#1, "They said that some people didn't get the "White Christmas" that they were hoping for."

Me, "Really??? You really thing this is about white people? hahahahahahahahahahahaha."


Me, ( Loading everyone in the car to go to the park and shoving tampons in my purse.)

#1, (smirking) "Ohhhh, is it your month?"

Me, "Really?"

#1, "I once made a joke on a girl when she was a little grumpy and asked her if it was her month."

Me, "First of all it is "time of the month" and Second of all IT IS NEVER FUNNY!!!!!!!! I will not come to your aid when an angry girl stomps your face into the dirt over your jokes regarding her hormone cycle. I may in fact step in and assist with said jumping. You will have to carry around tampons in your back pockets for a month. I will call it "Carter's time of the month tampon parade."

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