Sunday, October 2, 2011

The40th Birthday Party of La Year

I threw your padre a birthday party last night.  Twas an event people.  We had a caterer come in and serve street tacos, there was a Mariachi Band, there was a neighbor that crashed that was 3 sheets to the wind and jumped off of the diving board whilst the band played,  and there was just plain awesomeness.   
The theme was a tribute to dad's homeland of Mexico.  Your dad and I picked up some cute duds at a thrift store in Phoenix.  Below you will notice that Benjamin showed up as some Napoleon Dyno- Mite character.  I believe he is pulling it off with finesse.  

Here are 2 happy party goers.

I thoroughly enjoyed the Mariachis.  

A few others took the theme seriously and I muy appreciate it.  

Look how serious I am.  I take partying seriously.  I made bread pudding.  Enough said.

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