Monday, October 31, 2011

Glorious Paige

Before running over to your class to help I dropped Miss. A off in Kristin's room for some fiesta time.  Kristine loves herself some Ava and Lacy was there to assist.  You, Miss A, said

"I know why Kristen loves me.  It is because I am cute and small."

Yo, like 6th graders.

I helped a wee bit with your 6th grade "fall / Halloween" party.  Your classmates are super swell and very polite.  You, Alyssa, Allie, and McKenna huddled up and didn't really participate in the game so much.  You did partake of the candy.  Latrenda, Alyssa's mother helped with the game.  It is so lovely that all of your friends have such great moms.  

Miss. Pahina.  You have been cracking me up today.  You came home from school, hopped on my bed, and started the following conversation (one -sided I must add):

P:  "Soooo, I didn't study for my Science test in ELP and so (giggling in a super nerdy way)  I thought I would only get 100% on it.  (excuse moi.  I may not be in ELP, but that doesn't sound super smarty pants) "

Momtastic: "Interesting.  I will keep listening and hope that I catch on.  What grade did you get?"

P: "(nerd giggling to the point you couldn't breathe)  I got 119%.  I answered all of the extra credit and the bonus question.  Do you want to know what the funniest is?"

Momtastic: "Of Course (trying to giggle like a nerd)"

P:  " I actually missed one on the test, but I totally shouldn't have.  I thought it said extinct when I answered it but it said extant."

Momtastic: "Let me interrupt for one sec.  What is extant?"

P:  "(LARGE sigh)  Really mom?  It is when something is livin............It is the exact opposite of extinct."

It was like you decided not to waste your time explaining it to me.  Rather you simplified it as much as you could and dumbed it down for la Mama.  Mucho Gracias Grande Cabeza.

P:  "I scored 3rd highest in the class.  I had to come back and forth to the extra credit because I didn't remember everything right away.  If I had answered the extant one correct I would have been 2nd."

So you went to a Halloween party at Rachel's house over the weekend.  I dropped you off at Alyssa's and you two went together.  You said the Haunted House was super scary.  Tonight you went back to Alyssa's and went trick - o - treating in her neighborhood.  We just picked you up and you wouldn't stop talking about how "friendly and polite" the neighborhood is.  You said that no one really knew that you were a 70's girl except for Jarin's girlfriend named Seaver.  Funny story about getting ready for Halloween tonight;  it goes a little something like this:

P:  "Mom, can you help me do my hair for tonight?"

Momsome: "I need to finish Ava's hair.  Blow dry yours and then I will curl it."

P: "(whiny whiny)  Fine."

At this point your dad and I are on our bed and I am combing Ava's hair and putting it up.  Suddenly I hear:

P:  "Mom come help me.                                Mom come help me.                                      MOM COME HELP ME.  (at this point there is complete panic in your voice.  Did I mention that the blow dryer is STILL on)  MOOOOM THE BLOW DRYER IS SUCKING MY HAIR UP.  HELLLP"

Momsome:  " (running at the speed of light and yelling)  TURN THE BLOW DRYER OFF.  TURN THE BLOW DRYER OFF."

Unfortunately some hair had to be removed with scissors.

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