Monday, October 17, 2011

Glamping Part I

We went to El Capitan Canyon again this year.  It was soooo great that Tia Allie and Uncle John (plus kids) could join us.  Everyone had such a fabulous time!!!  There are cute tiny cabins,  a creek, fires to cook your food on, the ocean, bikes, an outdoor pool, playground, and total relaxation.  Here is our trip down the block to the ocean.  You will remember that the Lebaron's turned their back on La Motha Nature and she came rolling in to surprise them.  Check out William's face "Surprise".

Whilst we were on the beach Tia Allie took some family pictures for us.  LOVELY peeps.

We were hanging at the pool and I asked you, Miss, P to take our picture.  This is what we received.  Aside from the white moon in the picture,  you dad looks like he is Super tired from singing "Tragedy" with his brothers Gibb.

This is what I was going for.

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