Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Oh Little Princess

Tomorrow is the day of thy birth.  Tis a blessed event.  Angels sang and your dad passed out when you were born.  You have been just a smidgen excited about it.  You have basically proclaimed it to anyone that would listen.  Tonight you said to your manly dad and I,

"Tomorrow I am 5.  Tomorrow I will grow up."

After I came home from running.  (Yes, I ran when I was 35.  If I am a fat ass when I am older please remember that I advocated running when you were younger. )  You said the following;

"Mrs. McClure is going to give me a crown for my birthday.  She says we can have birthday spankings.  No one ever takes the spankings.  I am going to trick her and tell her that I REALLY want them this year."

You then proceeded to spank yourself with a smile and shout,

"Her spankings don't hurt!  Watch me spank myself.  It is awesome. "

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