Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Porfa Please Darling

It seems as if pretty much anything can make you cry or go into a tailspin as of late.  I do not mean this as a negative I just write this to give perspective.  Yesterday you came home and dad I were sitting on our bed reciting poetry.  You stated (very fast):

P: " In Math today Ali didn't sit by me.  She sat by someone else and there was a spare spot by them for a minute and she didn't save it for me.  I had to sit all by myself."

Tears started

Super Mom: "Huh.  Well I guess this was a great opportunity to make some new friends just like Ali."

P: "MOOOOOM.  (now screaming)  I don't like making new friends and these weren't new friends for ALi.  I had to sit by mean kids."

Somewhat Super Mom: "Oh.  Sitting by yourself isn't that bad.  Sometimes it is nice to have a little quiet time.  This is especially nice while studying Math."

P: "You DON'T UnderSTAND!!!!!"

Not grasping what is going on Mom:" It is just that it is so nice to get to know everyone and be friends with everyone.  Half of my friends are new.  It is so nice to continually make new friends.  (Smile and sigh)"

P: "(scream - crying)  I didn't want you to solve my problem I just wanted you to comfort me!!!!"


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