Thursday, October 27, 2011

Cassidy's 16th Birthday Party

So, the night before dad's birthday party Tia Karie threw Cassidey a Sweet 16 party at our house.  The theme was Alice in Wonderland.  It was awesome!  Most of the cousins showed up and slept over.   Cassidy is so lovely and we adore her!

Check out Silvia, Sarah, and Jordan!  Oh Miss. E you were/are a wee bit obsessed with the hat Tia Karie made.  You wouldn't take it off.  She let you keep it and you wear it ALL of the time!  

Uncle Larry hooked up the Wii outside and hung up a sheet for ya'all to play Just Dance.  It was outside next to the pool and it was HI- ar-ious.  Little Nathan is quite the dancer.  The girls were all normal and you, Car ti er, and your wild cousin danced your rears off.  (check out you Miss. A.  You were right on in there)

Oh, another picture of you in the hat.  

Oh son.  You wore dad's birthday suit to Cassidy's party.  Hahahaha that's awesome.  I'm not referring to the suit of his birth / his skin suit.  Ewe Mom.   It was like today at work when I asked your cousin Kameron to take the luggage rack off of the top of my car.  He walked out to the shop and shouted.
"Hey Uncle Nathan.  Aunt Jen wants me to take her top off.  Where do you want me to put it?"

Dad just stopped working, stared, and then said in an uber creepy voice, 

"Aunt Jen makes me feel dirty."

Back to the shindig.  Cassidey met some new Sirrine cousins.  She looks so happy in this picture!!  Love you darling!

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