Friday, November 13, 2009

Car Talk

I love the conversations we have on the way to school every morning. This morning was of course no exception.

(#2, you are so funny. Every morning it is like you forgot that at 7:10 you have to leave the house. It is always a "SURPRISE". Guess what you have to get in the car. Guess what you need to have clothing covering your arms and legs when that time comes, possibly some homework and your instrument. Maybe you could make yourself a note that reminds you that you have school..................................................................everyday!!!!!!!)

This morning we are discussing our piece o 'crap car - - - 1996 Landcruiser Yo. (This is the problem with me be a car dealer ..... Me, by the way, not your dad. I've become SUPER picky and cheap. I know what I want and I know that in the next year, if I play my cards right, I can get what I want really cheap. There is always one to two cars a year that are such a steal because there is something wrong with them - sort of. Your dad can totally fix the (what looks like major, but really is a minor) problem.) You guys are asking all sorts of questions about it. Here is our conversation:

#2, "Why did it take dad 6 years to fix your antenna?"
Me, "We are probably going to sell it soon, so it is the time to get it fixed."
#1, "How much did you pay for this car?"
Me, "About $13,000 six years ago."
#1, "Oh, that was way to much."
Me, "No at the time that was a great price. Remember it used to look a lot nicer when we got it. You guys have sort of trashed it."
#1, "Mom, that's not trashing it. We just loved on it too much."

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Allison LeBaron said...

Ava was saying all that??? Are we kidding???? Too much!!