Sunday, November 22, 2009

The Captain and the Chipper

I just happened upon your father the other day working on a car. Look at his amigo there - the chipper. They are so muy lovely.

Anyway, #3 you start a new class tomorrow and so dad and I took you to get some new pants to start off the day. Dad picked out the cutest little shirt for you. It has Wonder Woman and a couple of other female superheros on the front. It says, "Girls rule the world. Boys just live here." As we are driving home here is our conversation:

#3, "Tell me what the shirt says again."
Me, "Girls rule the world. Boys just live here."
#3, "That's right. Boys suck."
Me, "That is not a word we are allowed to say."
#3, "I am not allowed to say SUCK?"
Me, "That is right you are not allowed to say it."
#3, " Sometimes it is used in sentences. Like Ava sucks on her bottle. What else would I say?"
Me, "Don't ever say it. Also, Ava doesn't use a bottle."
#3, "What if a sentence calls for it."
Me, "Use another word instead."
Delayed reaction
#4, "Ava doesn't suck on a bottle. Ava likes a sippie cup. I only suck on candy."
#3 (laughing hysterically. Whispering - "she said it.")
Me, "Hey #4, I love it when you speak in 3rd person."
#4, "I like sucking on candy."
#3, "Boys are evil..........................except for you dad. "

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Allison LeBaron said...

OMG that is hysterical!!!!! I looove that you remember things like this!