Sunday, November 15, 2009

Auntie Greta

Greta came in to town to visit us last weekend. We had the best time. ( Check out the Cuban sandwich recipe that I will post in the near future - to die for)

We went to the spa, out to eat, shopping, played with puppies, you name it. When we went out to eat on Saturday it was Scottsdale Fashion week next to our restaurant. That was really interesting to watch. We went to La Grande Orange for breakfast; I even took her to Last Chance. (she actually left without finding any shoes - no I'm not kidding - yes I'm serious. Ok stop, I told you I was serious. Yes, I bought a couple pair; you're ok now? Good - breathe) You guys went to Cottonwood with Dad and Ted for #3's birthday. It was an RVing good time.

She was such a big help with our babies. She even gave the Chica a massage in the bathtub. Seriously.

We capped off the fun weekend with a family birthday party for Miss. E on Sunday. Nana, Papa, Uncle Gilbert, and Kim/Dave and the kids all came to join us. Greta made the most wonderful dinner. Blue cheese coleslaw, spinach salad (this was soooo good) , and Cuban sandwiches. I made the coconut cake that was requested.

#3 you received the American Girl doll that you asked for. I believe you uttered.....yeeeeesssss quietly under your breath.

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Alpha Monkey said...

Thanks for not posting the pic of my big bumper bent over pulling pork out of the oven!

It was a great weekend!