Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Turkeys Part 2

#3, you got right in there and started pulling feathers. That smile right there and the complete interest in the organs, blood, and grossness made me realize that you may someday be in the vet or doctor profession.
Mr. Glen boiling some turkeys before we completely removed all of the feathers.
Raymundo was a complete expert when it came to all of this. He knew how to find the joints and chop off the legs. Did I stutter? NO. I really just wrote that he knew how to properly remove the Turkeys wings and feet. FEET!!!! Can it get any worse. Oh, why yes it can. Take a peek at the following pictures.
The pulling out of the insides. Can I say that when they were grabbing the intestines a foul...........FOUL (hehehehe) smell came over the area. It was like someone was in a hot air balloon and decided to sprinkle poop that they had steamed and then made into a fine powder.
And here for you viewing pleasure..................................Turkey guts.