Sunday, November 1, 2009

Halloween 2009

We headed over to the Masseys for Halloween tonight. My old babysitter was in town for a work conference - Pam. She, her husband, and their two boys came along with us. #2 went with the McNeilles to their church party.

I spent the day baking two shockingly amazing cakes. The first was orange and dark chocolate - and the second was lemon coconut. They turned out so well I wouldn't mind adopting them as my fifth and sixth children.

Let's start the fashion show:

Lisa sewed an alien siamese twins for #2 and Hadley. So cute. #2 asked me the other day , "are you happy you married into the Babbitts?" I said,"Yes" Then she says, "because I may not have met Hadley if you and dad didn't have me."

#1 and Cousin Nathan had a glorious time dressing up as ladies. (Actually Little Nathan looked really uncomfortable most of the night.) #1 was all about putting the lipstick and makeup on - Nathan ran from the room. The pink wig really made Nathan's eyes pop. Check him out winking in the picture - nice!
#1 swears that another boy tried to pick up on him (ok son. You are a handsome boy, but my Robin Sparkles wig did not do you justice. I am pretty sure that the young man "picking up" on you may have been pulling your long lovely leg. How are you bending like that?)

Paige Nelson posing with #1 at the Masseys partee.

#4 you crack me up!!! We tied your scarf on backward and you turned from Little Red Riding Hood to a gipsy.
Thank heavens so many people brought beans to the party. You consumed about 3 different bowls of beans. We then went trunk or treating and you would get as close as you could to the person with the candy, lean in, and say "treeeat". I had the best time walking behind you and watching the shock on your face every time someone gave you a treat. It was like, "I know I keep saying treeeat, but they are giving me candy. DID YOU HEAR ME MOM - CANDY. Wait, you are going to let me keep it? Where am I and what happened to my mom. (at one point you bit through a piece of candy with the wrapper on.)

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