Wednesday, November 18, 2009

One last Time! What - Oh Yeah.

The puppies leave tomorrow. They have been SO much fun!!!! What an amazing experience. It has been great to have so much happy running around. From the crazy birth to the piles and piles of poo. ( Can I say that these wee pups can produce such a crazy amount of crap. I won't miss that. AMEN)

Ok I'm watching the Biggest Loser while writing this and can't stop crying. Oh my goodness. Give me a sec. .....................................

I'm back. Vaccines, de-worming, potty training, trying to get them to not eat the potty training pads, watching them get beat up by their mama - it has all been super educational. Kind of knew Chica was going to eat the sacks when they were born. Who knew that for the first couple of weeks they can't go to the bathroom unless their mom licks them (you know where).

So this gets me to thinking. If I had been birthing children thousands of years ago would I have chewed off the cord, eaten the sack, and licked their bums to help them poop? Would I have had a snarl tooth to eat through the cord - or would that have been Nate? Gross. Do you think eating the cord is like a shot of B12 and the dad would have had a super hero boost of energy and gone out and tackled an alligator to feed to his lovely licking wife?

"Arrgh, your mine little alligator. You are no match for my snack of umbilical cord."


Jules said...

aww! so adorable! thank you for visiting my blog :) have a fabulous day!

XO - julie

Top Bird @ Wee Birdy said...

Adorable photos, and thanks for visiting me. xx