Sunday, November 29, 2009

My Ladies

Yesterday I went out to lunch with some of my high school friends.
(Left to Rt. Becky - holding Jake Karie's son, Me, Allison with Issac, and Karie)

There are so many hilarious stories that involve these three ladies. The one that I tell you guys the most is the time that Allie, Karie and I were at Taco Bell sitting by some cute boys. We started laughing and Allie farted super loud. I wet my pants. It was so bad that Allie wouldn't let me sit straight in the backseat of the car. She had me lay down on my side so as the pee wouldn't soak into the upholstery. Can I just say that the fart was LOUD!!!!

The other story is also with the three of us. We were driving who knows where, windows were down, and we were singing some Peter Citera(sp) song really loud. A car next to us with some angry women started shouting at us. I can't remember the full sequence of what followed, but I do know that two of the angry women opened the back door to the car (this is where I was located). Allison started crying and saying, "Please don't hurt us." over and over. I really don't remember if I uttered a single word. Karie was silent. They eventually shut the door and we drove away. This is why I am a crazy nutter about the doors being locked in the car. Duh!!

Becky feels like she was a staple in my life from 7th grade on. When I saw her yesterday I felt so good. Being around these lovely ladies made me realize that my high school years were very nice.

Karie and her son Jake.
Allison and Issac
One of the most awesome facial expressions I have ever caught on camera. He is sooooo cute.

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