Wednesday, November 25, 2009

The day when I knew #3 would be a doctor

Since April Miss. Sue and I have been raisen us some Turkeys and Chickens. The chickens are for the eggs and the turkeys are for...........................................ThanksGiving- whoo whoo. What an ordeal. The turkeys were pigs the first four months and then the chickens decided to retaliate and peck the crap out of the turkeys bums. Eewwwwee.

Since this is the week to get oneself some turkey we decided it was time to give our turkeys the royal treatment. We hacked some heads off last night. Let me remind you children that your mama here isn't a big fan of meat or blood. Nonetheless it was Turkey Time (I can't get MC Hammer out of my head today. I think it is because I saw someone with pants that didn't have a diffinitive crotch today. Gets you thinking. My my is there a reason they have a pair of MC Hammer pants. Do they love him? Do they have a rash? Are they trying to start a trend? Do they want to date Danny? (He loves himself some MC Hammer)) Da da da da.....da da.....da da...Turkey Time.

Below is a picture of some heads and a turkey body running around squirting some blood in the air while it tried to find its upper region. Of course #3 you loved it. You were curious about the whole process. When Glen Nelson said to get on in there and start plucking ----------------------You totally did.

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