Monday, March 1, 2010

The Books

Dear #1,

I was thinking back to when you had your imaginary friend
Carro (please roll the R's) who's dad was Emmett Smith. Carro used to be wherever we were. He was a lovely little boy who disliked the same things you disliked. What a match!!

This got my brain thinking, "Wow, did I read some books that dedicated the lesson to imaginative play?" I remember a lot of me singing and dancing, but no
puppetering or role playing.

This got my brain thinking, "You should really write a post about what books each of the kids liked. That way when they are adults they can read them again and feel all warm and fuzzy."

So, I start with you
UNO. Here is a list of some of your most favorite books over the last couple of years.

th grade - The Little House on the Prairie series. It took you six months to read all 8 of them. You came away quoting ways to make pig parts into sporting equipment. You kept wanting to eat steak that had been smoked.
th grade - The Other Side of the Mountain series. Again hacketts and survival skills.
th grade - The Giver - You were very philosophical regarding this book!

th grade - The Lightening Thief series - You couldn't put it down. You walked while reading.
th grade - 100 cupboards, and or course the last 2 Harry Potter books.

th grade - The Rangers Apprentice - you say this is your favorite series you have ever read. 7 books.
th grade - ALL 10 PENDRAGON BOOKS. In 2 months. These are really thick books and you took them with in the carpool in the mornings to read on the ride to school. You said you learned much about history with this series.

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