Sunday, March 21, 2010

Where did we go???? Mexico. Really did you wonder?

Sitting on the beach with my lovely little lady.
Posing on the porch. I didn't even have to give directions. #1, you have some moves young man. I am impressed!!
Sydney found 2 octopus. They were super cool. Check out the leg creeping out. The eyes are muy loco.
Check it out. At one point Janice and I are sitting in our chairs and the bucket with the octopus is sitting between us. I lean over to take another picture and it is not in the bucket. We freaked out. It had crawled out and was moving sideways under Janice's feet.
Only missing Sammy in this pic.

I must say the beach time was muy fun. Everyone collected so many interesting creatures from the Sea. I love! that ya'all call it "the Sea" instead of the ocean. You are loco pirates hijos. " Ahoy, Let's set sail on the Sea putas." (So, that is super offensive if you know Spanish, but I was in the mood. Yes, your mama is insane and at times speaks like a dirty gangster." Oddly enough my favorite part of the trip was the car ride home. We decided to leave at night so that everyone would be calm and possibly fall asleep. We had just gotten to the border when the following conversations/topics came up:

Carter: " Hey, my brain is really interesting. I think a lot about how things work. For the last 20 minutes I was thinking of how to break into a bank.

It then went into hiding under a car, paintball guns, someone working an inside position, and firecrackers.

Paige: I was thinking about how I would get across the border if I were a Mexican that wanted to live in the United States.

Remember how you tell a LONG story. I zoned out a bit. I tried to focus back in when I heard lizzard. I offered up maybe immobilizing the border patrol with a scorpion sting. You said, (matter of factly)

Paige, "Or Not."

Carter, you then went on to discuss every freaken fact with the Titanic. I was so impressed with the amount of knowledge you have on the boat, what went wrong (you named 4 different things that shaped the outcome.) new words created from the video - rusticle, and how chivalrous the men were about not getting on the life boats and how that made them not so bright. Hot dam you are a smart nino.

Thanks for such a great time!!!

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Alpha Monkey said...

I was JUST watching a DVD of your visit up here when Carter was 6 months old! He kept trying to eat Miss M's toes!!!

And now look at them! Good, smart kids. Love it!