Friday, March 12, 2010

What??? What did she just say??

I went to get a pedicure this past week. The woman who was assigned to me is super cute. I picked out gray nail polish for me toes. I was thinking,
" hey, you are heading to the beach soon. You need to go neutral to match whatever swimsuits you may find to wear."

As she is finishing the color she says, " You want flowers?"

I say, "Oh No. I am super boring with my toes."

She says, "Ohhhhh, we do diamonds, they are classy."

YES SHE DID. I now have rhinestone rainbows, yes freaking rainbows, on my big toes. I couldn't really focus on the rainbows because I was thinking,

"My eyebrows are so bad. Her eyebrows look awesome. I know they wax eyebrows here. Am I up for asking her if I can get them done?"

Yes I AM. We head to the back room. I laid down on the table and a few seconds later I hear a large intake of breath and the following,

"Hon-knee (this is how it sounded and it was extremely drawn out.) Do you want your upper lip waxed."


Alpha Monkey said...

When it comes out like that the only answer is YES. But still, ouch.

I like the image of sparkly rainbows across a gray scape. Seems very hopeful!

Girls rule said...

So it took me over a year but I finally have been checking out your blog and love to see your family. The kids make me feel extremely old - thanks!