Thursday, March 11, 2010

To Rangers Apprentice Staff,

(This is the letter you sent to enter into a contest for a camp that is based on your favorite book series " Rangers Apprentice". Ok, I can tell you now that the letter was not required. Twas a wee postcard that needed to be filled out only. I kind of wanted to see what you came up with.)

I was just finishing, Erak's Ransom, when a paper talking about this camp fell out. I was intrigued by it so I took it home. By the time I was home I had read all on the page and was excited that I could win. So here I am now writing about it. And now I shall tell you why I am eligible. I have almost read all of the series and am quite stealthy. I am quite good at shooting a bow and am quite strong. I get along well with others, do great by myself, and am a great leader. I have also probably read the entire series in 3 months. I am Carter Babbitt and this is why I think I am a good contestant.



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Alpha Monkey said...


Check my blog tomorrow for a fun contest YOU might want to enter too! (Hint: it is for an Evil Genius Parenting Award!)