Monday, March 29, 2010


Yesterday we met the Haymores at the park for a great Sunday activity. Gorgeous weather, great company, and some exercise. Swinging never got old; and Ellie you are the WO-Man on the roller blades!!

We followed up the park with some ice cream at The Sugar Bowl. As April and I are sitting at our table taking pictures of ourselves, she says, "Hey look that's Will Ferril." (He is 2 feet in front of my face.) At this point I pretend to take a picture of Carter and snap a couple of Mr. Funnyman. I am super impressed that none of you decided to make a scene and ask for a picture or an autograph. You guys are not impressed with an actor that has done a ba' gillion movies. Now if that were say, Ba Rock it or John Walsh (he is a hero little ones) or say Oprah I would have freaken expected you to get a picture - with your hero (me) and said celebrity and you.

We then browsed the 5th Ave shops. I must say Carter you are going pro on the skateboard. You rode it all day; you brought it over to The Sugar Bowl and continued to ride it around while we shopped. I shouted for people to move and "look out" a couple of times, but only so you could have the room you needed. I kind of liked partitioning off part of the sidewalk so you could go down the ramp over and over. So what if Will Ferril's wife was boob feeding her baby three feet away from your moves. Her humorless husband made his way back over to her while "we" skateboarded, so what if he didn't even notice our skillz. You are not ALL THAT Mr. Ricky Bobbey. Carter, on the other hand, totally stayed on his long board while going down a small HILL. Yes, I said it........a HILL!!! BEAT THAT. (okay this again takes me back to the afternoon special "Teen Witch". "Take that, beat that, da da da da dada da. TAKE THAT" Okay I know you never saw this movie, but I felt vindicated when I saw Tina Fey showcase it on 30 Rock. Sometimes it is like she and I are one. When I say she, I mean Liz Lemon.)

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