Friday, March 12, 2010

Down Time

I went to read a story to you and this is what I encountered. My response is still........No, I can not do that. No, most people can not do that. Yes, I am still allergic to cats. Yes, cats probably can do something similar to this.

Two nights prior dad and I went running and came home to this. I was told that these are super hero costumes. Paige, you were reading and couldn't put the book down to get your outfit on.
There are a couple of things I would like to point out:
1. Ava, your superhero outfit was a pair of Carter's underwear and a wife beater. With the B.O. your brother is sporting lately I'm thinking you were going for stinking the enemy away. I can't even get the tank top white anymore. (For future Carter's reference: In case you forgot young man - yes you will always be young to your mama - you were not allowed to wear said tank top without a shirt over it. We were NOT that type of family. )
2. Carter, you have a pair of your underwear over your mouth.
3. Ellie, you have your belly stuffed like you are a pregnant super hero. " Fighting crime while having one baby at a time?" I thought this one was interesting.

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